Zanu-PF infighting to degenerate into civil war?

Zanu-PF infighting to degenerate into civil war?

ZIM’s opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has warned of a possible civil war in the country as a result of the explosive nature of Zanu PF’s catfights and the alienation of veterans of the country’s liberation war.

PDP National Chairperson, Lucia Matibenga , said in a statement, that utterances by First Lady Grace Mugabe at a rally in Chiweshe that she was in control of the country was tantamount to usurping the Presidential Powers, a gross undermining of the sovereignty of the country.

“Quite clearly, the usurpation of power by Grace and the attacks on securocrats and war veterans indicate beyond any reasonable doubt that the chaos scenario in Zimbabwe is unraveling.

“Therefore, as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), we are concerned that her actions and ill-timed utterances will lead to a total paralysis in the country. Her conduct is a serious threat to national security and to the right of the people to democratically elect their leadership,” she said on Tuesday.

Matibenga charged that Grace and her husband were intent on creating so much chaos in Zanu PF and government so that Robert Mugabe himself remained at the helm of the country, adding that Grace’s remarks jeopardised the smooth flow of government work programmes at a time the country was grappling with the effects of drought and a comatose economy.

She said Grace Mugabe’s positions – both as the First Lady and as the Secretary of the Zanu PF’S Women’s League – were not recognized in the constitution, adding she was not part of the government executive as she was trying to impress on the ordinary people.

“Grace cannot crave to satisfy her thirst for power by taking advantage of her husband’s incapacitation and thus declare herself President. This is criminal and unacceptable,” she said.

Matibenga said the involvement of the country’s military heavyweights in the Zanu PF succession wars was a serious national security threat which exposed the country’s defense system.

“Our military must not be reduced to gun-toting musketeers of a political party under whatever circumstances,” she said.

The Constitution, Matibenga noted, demanded that members of the security services be independent of any political party, adding that the remarks made by Grace had proved beyond doubt that the security sector needed to be reformed as a matter of urgency. – ANA