Zim civil servants call off salary strike

Zim civil servants call off salary strike

March 6 2017 (dpa) – ZIMBABWEAN  civil servants called off a strike shortly after it started on Monday (today)  because they managed to reach an agreement with the government.

“Payments for our bonuses in cash will be starting in April, so we have called off the strike,” Richard Gundeni from the Zimbabwe
Teachers Association told dpa.

Labour Minister Prisca Mupfumira confirmed the deal, but did not say how the cash-strapped government would finance the bonuses, which had been due in December.

Some teachers in Harare said they had not joined the strike after it started on Monday to give negotiations a chance. Unions said 90 per
cent of rural teachers participated in the strike.

Union officials were not available to comment on how many other civil servants heeded the strike call.

The civil servants’ strike came just after doctors called off a three-week strike.

Union representatives said the government had partially met their demands for better pay and working conditions. They said doctors also
returned to work because they were concerned about high mortality levels at hospitals during the strike.

According to the IMF Zimbabwe’s economy shrank by an estimated 0.3 per cent last year and will contract by 2.5 per cent in 2017 and more  than 80 per cent of the workforce ekes  a living in the depriving  the government of tax income. – dpa