Zimbabwe to make all Polytechnics varsities as SA hikes fees for those who can afford it

Zimbabwe to make all Polytechnics varsities as SA hikes fees for those who can afford it

ALL  teachers’ colleges and polytechnics in Zimbabwe will soon be transformed into degree awarding institutions, says Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo (today) Monday at a a press conference in Harare.

“For Teachers Colleges a Foundation committee will look into the transformation of all Teachers colleges into a university of education with Mkoba Teachers college as the main university campus with a special mandate on Teacher Education,” he says.

“For polytechnics a steering committee will make recommendations on whether polytechnics can be turned into degree awarding institutions or can be stand alone or can be one institutions with eight campuses and propose a process for the transformation,” he added saying the committees would among other things identify areas requiring policy interventions to deal with the current problems and re-align the mandates, structures, institutional.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande, says tertiary education institutions in South Africa  will be allowed to assess on an case by case basis to determine the level of  their 2017 fees.

Nzimande, however, said government recommends that the fees increments should not go above eight percent.

“To ensure that such inflation-linked fees adjustments on the 2015 fees baseline are affordable to financially needy students, government is committed to finding the resources to support children of all poor, working and middle class families – those with a household income of up to R600 000 per annum – with subsidy funding to cover the gap between the 2015 fee and the adjusted 2017 fee at their institution,” he says.

He said this will be done for fee increments up to eight percent.

“This will in effect mean that all NSFAS qualifying students as well as the so-called ‘missing middle’ – that is students whose families earn above the NSFAS threshold but who are unable to support their children to access to higher education, will not have their fees increased next year but that the  Government would l pay for the fee adjustment.” –ANA edited by Patience Rusere