Zimbabwean human rights lawyer attacked in JoBurg

Zimbabwean human rights lawyer attacked in JoBurg

Zimbabwean human rights lawyer attacked in JoBurg

ZIMBABWE Exiles Forum chairperson and SA High Court Advocate Gabriel Shumba was attacked by an unknown assailant on Christmas eve at his highly secured home in downtown Johannesburg.

“The blood thirsty idiot pitched-up at Shumba’s door unannounced and knocked. The friendly Shumba might have mistook the stranger as a desperate Zimbabwean seeking comfort on the Christmas eve and opened the door,” narrates Shumba’s friend Sibanengi Dube.

“The man then rushed in the sitting room, locked himself inside the house before sitting on the Sofa and started acting strangely giving one word answers, pretending to be confused and speaking like a toddler,” says Dube who is also a Zimbabwean journalist.

“When Shumba order him to leave, the man grabbed him by the throat but Shumba managed to over-power the intruder, who then pulled out an Okapi knife from his bosom. Shumba then grabbed the hand holding the knife and arm-twisted it and the knife fell under the seat forcing the intruder to run away,” says Dube

Investigations are underway but Shumba was seriously injured on his head and back and is now recovering at home.

Shumba is a well known, outspoken human rights lawyer ins, and immigration activist.

Says ZEF: Meanwhile this could be a criminal element, but we are not ruling out foul play. We have since beefed-up his security and considering a full investigation into the matter. Anyone with information about the identity of this assailant must inform the police or ZEF’s information department on 0835842401. –Patience Rusere