More Zimbabwean men commit suicide

 May 7  2017 — CASES  of suicide are on the increase in Zimbabwe with police attributing it to economic challenges and unfaithful spouses, with more men killing themselves than women, says Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba.

Caramba is  quoted by the state-run news agency New Ziana Thursday as saying that at least 489 men committed suicide in 2016 compared to 348 in 2015 while 147 women committed suicide in 2016 compared to 126 in 2015.
She said the high number of suicide among men was a result of stress, which was related to bread winning roles as well as general expectations by society where men are expected to provide for their families.
“Suicide cases among women are tied to domestic problems with infidelity being at the top,” says, adding the most suicide cases were in the form of food poisoning and hanging.
A high profile case of suspected suicide occurred last month when career civil servant and former State Procurement Board chairperson Charles Kuwaza plunged to his death from the 9th floor of a high rise Harare building.
He was facing charges of criminal abuse of power and fraud involvingUS$ one million.
Zimbabwe is facing severe economic challenges that include a high unemployment rate and acute cash shortages. – Enditem