Zimbabweans assaulted in Pretoria CBD mob attacks

Zimbabweans assaulted in Pretoria CBD mob attacks

June 24 2017  – TWO Zimbabwean men were assaulted last night in  Salvokop near the Pretoria CBD on  after a community meeting  had called to discuss the circumstances around the beatings  men by a mob almost degenerated into a fist fight.

One of the battered pair, Abester Muzhambi was last seen in the early hours of Wednesday morning when he was being flogged on the streets but has now been since found.

Simmering tensions reached boiling point this week when Muzhambi and Xolani Ndlovu were forcibly  taken from their respective shacks on Wednesday by an angry mob baying for blood, assaulted with rocks and sjambocks and then paraded on the streets.

Traces of their blood have been covered by sand on the pavements.

“Just give us back our brother. There will not be peace in this community if he is dead. This is the turning point. This incident has proven again that we live in a community full of hatred and prejudice. You cannot apprehend a man, try him in your kangaroo courts, and dish out justice. This is not a jungle,” screamed one community member at the Friday night meeting before it degenerated.

There is a video of the attack, but the man who recorded the early morning incident said he was stopped by the assailants before the assault became worse. Some community members said incidents of mob justice were a common in the community  where locals and  people  from  other African countries live.

“In this community we live at the mercy of these terror groups. It’s like a form of apartheid because you don’t know when they will knock on your door with accusations. Some of them always carry illegal firearms and we are their subjects. Either we obey whatever rule they want you to live by or you are history. People are constantly being hammered in the streets, whenever a whistle is blown. The street committees are unfortunately the law in this part of the world,” said mother of three girls, only identified as Rebecca.

“We see police cars passing by in this area, but they are not here for us. The police have delegated crime prevention to these mobs of youth. If a victim is seriously injured in the assault police only take them to government hospitals. No case is pursued against the perpetrators of violence in this community. Is it because we are poor? I have never heard of mob justice in leafy suburbs. Those days are over.”

An elderly community member William Mudzimba, who happened to witness the assault on Muzhambi and Ndlovu on Wednesday, has assembled search parties who have been rummaging through the nearby bushy areas and dungeons in the evenings. Muzhambi’s siblings were also part of the search which was called off at around midnight on Friday.

Nursing deep wounds and with several stitches in his face Ndlovu told the African News Agency that he still feared for his life because he had to live in the community but did not know why he was targeted.

“I was awoken as I slept in my shack. The beating started henceforth. I couldn’t tell who was beating me and why I was being beaten. I just had to obey. I was dragged on the streets while bleeding like a dog. I did not know Muzhambi but when I was seized he was already manhandled by the crowd and was bleeding,” said Ndlovu.

“After the assault, I only remember that a police van took me to the Steve Biko Academic Hospital. There has not been any follow-up from the police regarding why I was assaulted. Now I can hardly move; how do I work to feed myself? That incident has left me deeply hurt by some community members I have lived with for years. But I guess that is life,” says  Ndlovu through swollen and blistered lips.

Muzhambi’s shack has been destroyed and some of his property has  allegedly been looted and some of it burn’t.

Spokeswoman for the Pretoria Central police station Captain Augustinah Selepe said she would look into the incident and then provide police comment. – Jonasayi Maromo/ANA visit www.zimsinsa.com