Zimbabwe’s opposition urges army to reject bond money

Zimbabwe’s opposition urges army to reject bond money

ZIMBABWE’s opposition the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called on the country’s security sector workers to reject salaries in the form of bond notes, which are being introduced by the central bank amid a cash crunch of US dollars.

Speaking at a round table discussion at the media centre in Harare, PDP Spokesperson, Jacob Mafume, toda (Wednesday) said the introduction of the bond notes had nothing to do with serving the interests of the people but only to  “serve extortionist money lenders” connected to top political figures.

If the army, police and prison services – who are paid earlier than any other sectors in the country – accept the bond notes, Mafume said the whole country would be forced to accept them.

“So I am sincerely calling on the security sector that in the name of national interest, they must insist on their constitutional rights not to receive worthless paper as pay for the service that they do the nation, because that is going to be their first point of call”. – ANA


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