Zims in SA lose hope of ever leaving Mzansi

Zims in SA lose hope of ever leaving Mzansi

by Shadreck Maririmba

NOVEMBER 20 2018 – MOST Zimbabweans in SA who had wanted to return home after the recent Zimbabwean July 30 harmonised elections have lost all hope of returning home citing survival hardships back home as the main cause .

Exactly a year after then former vice president Emmerson Mnanagwagwa toppled Robert Mugabe and three months after a controversial election, the country’s capital has not only hit by a Cholera epidemic but an economic meltdown which as resulted in the scarcity of goods, continued shortages of cash and high prices.

A quick random survey carried out by this publication among Zimbabweans in different parts of South Africa showed that most Zimbabweans are no longer interested in going back to their country. with most citing economical challenges back home.

Grace who stays in Malelane in Mpumalanga province of South Africa said before elections she hoped for an improved Zimbabwe with a better economy but all hopes were thrown in the dust bin after MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa lost the elections.

” We are a group of about fifty Zimbabwean women who are working and we have our business society group where we were contributing money to go and open shops in Zimbabwe but all that changed when Mnangagwa was declared winner of the elections”says Grace .
” I don’t want to be here and my chance to go home was this year. Before elections we had meetings discussing when we will go and amount of money needed to set up businesses. We sent our fellow ladies to do researches and look for premises across Zimbabwe and they all came back with good information . With the hope that things will change for the better after elections we contributed and waited for elections. We even said to ourselves let us be patient if the new Mnangagwa government is going to change things but till now it’s getting worse so we abandoned the idea and we are now opening shops here instead, ‘adds Grace

Promise Khumalo who runs a printing shop in the same area says he is considering changing citizenship. ” This Zanu PF government has killed our hopes and now all you read about Zimbabwe is Ministers in serious corruption scandals and so forth to me it’s a sign that we are doomed as a generation. I hoped to go back home and establish my business there but I have since changed my mind” says Promise

The case is the same with Talent who stays in Carolina in Mpumalanga Province again. Talent works at a local coal Mine as a dump truck Driver but says it’s better to suffer in the hands of foreigners than to suffer in the hands of your countrymen.
“We are called kwerekweres here and sometimes we get fired just because we are foreigners. We have mastered how to hustle but South Africa has given us a life when our own Government was throwing us into dust bins of poverty and despair” says Talent.

“After elections I waited for anything positive to come from Zimbabwe but up to now it’s all lies from our government. To make matters worse are reports of corruption involving senior government officials and that shows we are country worth not to be proud of continued Talent.
Talent said he has since started applying for a permanent Resident permit for he does not see himself and family going back home anytime soon.

A Pastor with a local Church in Witbank said he has witnessed families splitting because of the Zimbabwe situation.
” Zimbabwe is a case we all need to pray for. I have seen husbands who left their wives back home trying hard to send money back home first few months or years but later most men end up abandoning their wives marrying here or getting involved in adulterous affairs” says Pastor Dube.

“I always encourage most of them to bring their wives here but most of them will tell you they are not here to stay but to look for money and go back home. In short noone among the men I have counseled want to have a home here but want to work and go back home so this forces them to leave their wives and children home”

But says Pastor Dube its now dawning to most of the men now that Zimbabwe will never be economically good for them anytime soon and South Africa is now their home so most of them are reconsidering their positions.
I am happy that most men are now realizing that Zimbabwe is no longer good for them and their families. All their hopes of going back have been shuttered especially the last elections hit their hopes hard said Pastor Dube ZimsInSA.com

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