ZimsInSA partners with NGO to help Zims in distress

ZimsInSA partners with NGO to help Zims in distress

We are happy to announce that zimsinsa.com is back in circulation  after short break, to allow us to migrate to our new hosts. We hope this change will be bring a better quality product for Zimbabweans in SA.

In light of these developments we have introduced a Letters Page where Readers can send questions etc to Edward Muchatuta, a very passionate Zimbabwean, who is a  former trade unionist.

Muchatuta has worked with Zimbabwe Migrants International as National Co ordinator and has been the National Organiser for the Zimbabwe Workers Union.

He has also been helping migrants on getting legal documentation in SA and has been lobbying for the ZSP for eight months by helping and advising applicants AND OTHER issues affecting Zims inSA co-ordinator of House of Hope( an organisation which has branches in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and Cape Town etc  and helps Zimbabweans with issues various issues affecting Zimbabweans living in SA.

If you have questions you want answered, queries etc email editor@zimsinsa.com and the Subject line should be “MUCHATUTA”

Although things have remained pretty much static on the home front in Zimbabwe,(save the internal infighting in the ruling Zanu-PF) our mini-relaunch comes at time when Zimbabweans are just coming out of another round of Xenophobic attacks, which this time round managed to bring attention to the problems non-SA citizens, particularly those who are black face here.

As I write this the aftermath has been followed by a crackdown by SA state institutions(as opposed to street mobs,looters etc ) to what some groups people are terming “Official state sponsored discrimination”.

Personally I believe that SA like any other country in the world does have the right to protect its own borders, just like any country, Zimbabwe itself included.

In light of this we hope ZimsInSA will continue with its mandate  but will also seek to encourage, in any way a online news website can, encourage people to regularise their immigration statuses, avoid by all means being caught on the wrong side of the law, work hard and  promote  unity of purpose, create and encourage business ideas and create our own jobs.

And for those who have totally run out of ideas, to consider ways in which we could return and build our country from home.