2018 Elections Diasporans are game changers

2018 Elections Diasporans are game changers

By Mario Wuragu Moyo

Zimbabwe Diaspora Vote Coalition Information and Publicity

30 December 2016 – FOLLOWING a rapid decline in Zimbabwe’s economy, which resulted in massive company closures, most Zimbabweans have over the years have been forced to leave the country for greener pastures.

Although this has been a very noble idea because diasporians have actually helped to feed millions of Zimbabweans back home,those who have left Zimbabwe have made one big mistake – that of not taking an active role in Zimbabwean politics.

The Zimbabwean diaspora population is a combination of skilled and unskilled people, most of whom can bring new ideas into the Zimbabwean political landscape.

What is important now is to now direct their energy towards active participation in the Zimbabwean political playing field and stop sitting on the fence or watching from the terraces.

It is time for diaspora population to take charge Zimbabwe’s future by not only fighting fora diaspora vote but encourage each other to register to vote in 2018.

There are an millions of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora making up a significant number of Zimbabweans whom cannot be denied their right to vote in 2018 to elect a new government.

It is of paramount importance that Zimbabweans in Diaspora engage each other at all levels and in all circles of social interactions eg at church, work ,bars etc and speak with one voice regarding participation in 2018 elections.

Most of the people in Diaspora have never voted and some last voted a while back but this must change because they are the game changers in 2018.

The worst rigging that can be done by the Diaspora population if it doesn’t vote because someone else will vote for incompetent or bad politicians to run the country.

Diasporans must also use their positions of influence over their families as breadwinners and their friends back home in Zimbabwe to register to vote in 2018.

The youth in diaspora must also actively take part in voter education mobilisation as participate is vital as we move towards 2018.

In 2013 about 58% of registered voters turned up to vote. It is therefore important as the Diaspora that we demand to be allowed to vote even while still living outside Zimbabwe.

We can do this through going to the courts,negotiations and demonstrations.

The Diaspora vote is our right not a privilege.

So if you are Zimbabwean in Diaspora and willing to join the Diaspora Vote Movement – Contact Thulani on +27718333944 or you can Mario Moyo on mariomoyo86@gmail.com OR Facebook Mario Wuragu and on Twitter @MarioWuragu
And on Whatsapp 0814351422 or call him on 0764122867

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