BPI launches news website for Zims living in SA

BPI launches news website for Zims living in SA

Originally posted 2014-09-03 08:07:02.

September 03 2014 – www.zimsinsa.com a subsidiary of BlesPat Investments (BPI) has a launched a news website for Zimbabweans living in South Africa, in Johannesburg today.

This is in realisation of the fact that out of all the countries where there is a Zimbabwean diaspora, South Africa  is the only country that does not have a publication of its own, which speaks for Zimbabweans,” says founder Patience Rusere.

This even more glaring given  SA’s proximity to Zimbabwe but has the highest number of Zimbabweans outside Zimbabwe,” adds Rusere.

The news website will focus on the usual news, entertainment and sport but will focus on issues that would interest and affect Zimbabweans in SA in particular but at the same time be of interest to any  Zimbabwean anywhere in the world.

The website is not there to compete with the existing websites and radio stations that have mushroomed all over the word in the past 14 years, but is there to complement their efforts  by covering the gap of the Zimbabwean in SA who faces specific challenges, specific interests, which for example may not be relevant to a Zimbabwean lets say in the UK or the US, adds Rusere who has been in the media industry for more than 17 years.

Rusere, who has worked for the print media and broadcast media in Zimbabwe, SA and the US also emphasises that the site will aim to report objectively on issues concerning Zimbabweans without being partisan or pursuing any political interests.

Unfortunately Zimbabweans have become very polarised but we know that we have more than three million Zimbabweans in this country of different races, tribes and political affiliation but are they are all Zimbabweans at the end of the day, so the news we will churn out will for ALL Zimbabweans and not pursue the any political agenda or party either at home or here in SA, emphasises Rusere.

Another thing we would like readers to know is that the website while accepting that its has not been easy being Zimbabwean(the reason why they might be so many of us away from home) but the site will highlight and promote Zimbabwean culture, music, Zimbabwean businesspeople, Zimbabwean entertainers, who are despite the odds making it.

It will not be website only to highlight the negative but something that we hope will also inspire other Zimbabweans to do better their lives share ideas, educate, inform and entertain.

The site also wants to help Zimbabweans and those interested to Zimbabwean issues to rally to together on one platform.

Despite being hard working and resilient, Zimbabweans have tended to get bad publicity or are portrayed as criminals, yet they one of the most enterprising people in the continent if not the world. ”

“Just a few days ago, there have been press reports that a man had been arrested for killing Senzo Meyiwa(Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates goalkeeper) in Beitbridge trying to escape to Zimbabwe, insinuating that the killer was Zimbabwean yet those reports were later refuted by the SA police, but imagine the bad publicity Zimbabweans get, especially if they are falsely accused of killing such a popular personality, this can fuel a backlash and xenophobic feelings. So we need our own platform and voice  in such instances.

There are many Zimbabweans doing very here in SA, in the media, business etc and we need a platform to highlight that and also promote our businesses, where the website hopes to come in, she says adding that with the current economic downslide and uncertain political situation in Zimbabwe, many Zimbabweans are likely to be in SA for a long time.

We also hope to build bridges with our hosts the South Africans and create channels of communication with Zimbabweans in other countries and most importantly those at home, so we can contribute to development there as well and we hope this website will help do so.”

Follow us on Twitter at zimsinsaDotcom and FOLLOW us on FaceBook at zimsinsa.com for the latest news updates for the Zimbabwean in Mzansi.



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