Diamond Platnumz teams up with Ne-Yo

Diamond Platnumz teams up with Ne-Yo

February 2017 – Tanzanian musician, Naseeb Abdul Juma, popoularly  known as Diamond Platnumz  has teamed up with international R&B sensation, Ne-Yo on the track  Marry You, just in time for his brand new recording deal with Universal Music, the label says Friday*(yesterday).

Juma is the first East African artist to sign to Universal Music, and the music video, that was shot in Los Angeles and Johannesburg, would beam across Africa from yesterday.

Sipho Dlamini, managing director South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, said he was thrilled to sign one of Africa’s biggest acts to Universal Music.

“We’re very excited about signing Diamond. He’s a star he is talented and full of energy and creatively he’s on par with any international artist I’ve worked with. He’s focused and determined to succeed. He’s passionate about his country – his people – his language and his culture and I love that,” Dlamini said.

“He is a first class performer on stage, his new material is authentic, fresh and African, yet it will touch people across the globe. Artists like him are the reason we do what we do.”

Marry You is the first project Juma will release with Universal Music. It was the result of the two artists meeting at the 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban.

The collaboration that was recorded in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015 is a big deal for Juma.

“I choose Ne-Yo because he fits my style of music. I am so happy because I grew up listening Ne-Yo songs and most of my style is inspired by him so it’s a dream come true for a kid who grew up in a slum area in Tanzania,” says Juma.

“When they announced he would be performing on MTV awards I was excited. After we met we discussed the possibility of doing a collabo and he was ready to it. I guess Neyo agreed to work with me because I think he did a bit of a research on my music.”

Juma, who has won many awards including MTV Africa and MTV Europe and Channel O, explains Marry Me as a love story.

Juma has also done a collabo with Zimbabwean musician Jah Prazyah, Watora Mari.

“It’s about when you want to convince the girl you are in love with to marry you. It’s a wedding song so am so sure it will be rocking all weddings soon,” he says. – ANA