BlessPat Investments launches as news website for Zimbabweans living in SA

Greetings from the founder of this website, the first of its kind for Zimbabweans living in South Africa. We hope to provide readers and advertisers a unique opportunity to have their voices heard, their products sold to the estimated more than three million Zimbos based Mzansi, those at home and around the world. founder and Editor Patience Rusere

Our launch comes just after the South African government has started a process to regularise about 250 000 Zimbabweans through the Zimbabwe Special Permit programme, which means Zimbabweans will be here for a long time, not to mention those who are crossing our borders daily to search for better living conditions, to shop, to do business under various kinds of conditions and terms or are in transit to other countries.

We would like to promise readers and advertisers alike an opportunity to talk about issues that affect their communities, issues that are relevant, beneficial in the most objective and non-partisan manner possible.

I won’t bore readers by going into details of why most of us are in the diaspora or about the seemingly never ending crisis in our beautiful motherland, but will through this website try and make lemonade from lemons given our troubled background. It is a website that will not focus on the negatives but the positives of Zimlife and Zimbabweans. However the site is NOT there to promote any political agendas and is open to ALL Zimbabweans and their friends who are looking for a platform not only to inform each other as objectively as possible but to promote Zimbabwean businesses, those who want to do business with Zimbabweans or do business in Zimbabwe, celebrate our heritage as Zimbabweans.

The site seeks to assert our presence and our importance in Mzansi today, as a cosmopolitan African country that has become the home of many different nationalities, the America of Africa. ZIMSINSA will endeavor to break away from the unnecessary factors that have polarised us, divided us and made us weak.

We intend to compete with existing news websites or media but to complement their efforts by targeting specifically at the Zimbabwean in South Africa. So lets show off our culture, our music, our food, our businesses and USE our reputation as good, honest hardworking people, who despite the odds, are doing it for themselves. I hope you not only enjoy reading this website but also help UNITE us as Zimbabweans cutting across politics, tribe, gender or race.

To achieve the above help us improve our service to you by giving us your feedback, so that we can continuously grow and improve the site to suit your needs. So those interested writing, advertising, or simply sending us their pictures, story ideas etc please do not hesitate contact us at

May God Bless our host country South Africa and our beloved Motherland Zimbabwe.

Ngiyabonga, Tatenda, Thank you.

Patience Rusere  Founder of

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