Fifa to fund the development of national federations

Fifa to fund the development of national federations

FOLLOWING the approval by the FIFA Development Committee, FIFA has published a circular outlining the contract of agreed objectives which sets the scene for the implementation of Forward, FIFA’s overhauled development program.

The contract of agreed objectives defines the framework for the use of FIFA’s tailor-made support, including development priorities and objectives of the member associations and confederations, conditions for the use of funds, and potential sanctions for non‑compliance.

“By jointly identifying the development priorities and objectives with the member associations and confederations we’ll be able to maximise the impact of our assistance, thus making a qualitative improvement to football in their respective territories,” said FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura.

FIFA’s member associations and confederations will have until June 1, 2017, to complete their contracts of agreed objectives.

Through FIFA Forward, FIFA’s member associations can access up to US$ 5 million (R71m) per four-year cycle: USD 750,000 (R10.7m) per year for football projects such as pitches, competitions and women’s football, and USD 500,000 (R7.1m) per year for running costs in areas including administration and governance.

Confederations, which will also have to sign contracts of agreed objectives, are entitled to receive up to USD 40 million (R570m) every four years. – ANA