Gigaba to make sure employers give SA jobs

Gigaba to make sure employers give SA jobs

January 30 2017 – SOUTH Africa does not aim to hinder migration to South Africa, but has urged business to ensure that 60% of its staff are South African, says Home Affairs minister Malusi Gigaba, speaking during  media briefing in Pretoria and  giving feedback on the department’s work as well the process for special permits for Lesotho nationals.

He says the department will meet with business to discuss this and ensure inspections of business that may not be adhering to the 60% policy.

He says migration is a natural phenomenon which he welcomes but adds that business may trigger tensions in communities when they overlook competent South Africans for jobs.

“Business visas carry the condition that 60% of the business staff compliment must be South African, and yet many citizens and labour stakeholders and sister departments are concerned that many businesses do not want to hire South African workers.”

Gigaba says this perception has led to the belief that many business exploit migrant workers to lower wages and conditions, though he acknowledged the role non-SA citizens play in SA’s economy and the benefits they bring. –EWN visit