Happy New Year Zims in SA!

Happy New Year Zims in SA!

January 6 2019 – HAPPY New Years Zimbabweans in SA! We at ZimsInSA.com would like to wish you a Xenophobia free New Year, a year where those without documentation will be legalised and getting that all important breakthrough.

The ZimsInSA.com team in the meanwhile promises to try to continue to offer you good journalism, objective and accurate news, which has been sadly lacking with most of the Zim media, as political divisions at home reach unprecedented levels and the economic meltdown continues to simmer and our people continue to stew in poverty.

There are a number of new things in the offing for the news website, this year, after we undertook a major revamp and rebranded late last year.

So we ask you to keep watching and following this news websites for the new developments. Just as a sneak preview of whats in the offing we will be soon giving readers FREE T-shirts from the United States and launching a new and exciting , never seen before feature, that will change the face of Zimbawean journalism forever. We will also continue to write stories that reflect YOUR lives, YOUR daily struggles as well as share YOUR successes and your stories, as we enter another year in Mzansi.

Thank you, Siyabonga, Tatenda. – Editor and Founder Patience Rusere

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