Jozi central cops now hiring spies

Jozi central cops now hiring spies

JOHANNESBURG  Central police have asked the community to help fight crime by passing on information, Gauteng police said on Sunday.

“We would like to recruit informers; males and females,” Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele said.

“The duty of the informer is to be the eyes and ears of the police. If he or she hears about a crime that is going to be committed, his responsibility is to inform the police and not to put his life in danger.”

Informers would be registered in the data base. If he or she gave police positive information that could result in the arrest or confiscation of stolen property, “incentives” would be given to the informer, Mbele said.

Interested members of the community could contact the Johannesburg Central police communication office on 011- 497-7135 or W/O Xoli Mbele on 082-777-6263. – ANA