Lundi seriously ill

Lundi seriously ill

Originally posted 2017-01-05 20:14:41.

Lundi seriously ill-zimsinsa

January 05 2017 – BARELY after a month after the death of gospel sensation Sfiso Ncwane another award winning gospel musco Lundi  is fighting for his life in a Johannesburg hospital for the past month.

“He is not looking well at all but we are praying that he beats this. He is suffering from abdominal tuberculosis, chest pains and he has had a liver problem for a while now,”  reports Drum magazine quoting a friend. 

He apparently spent his birthday (16 December), Christmas and New Year in hospital, and is still there “fighting for his life”.

Another  says Lundi, who has been dubbed the “prince of gospel”  or the “prodigal son of gospel”, is also experiencing breathing problems.

“I don’t think he will be able to perform for a while after being released. It is important that people, especially artists, start taking a good care of themselves and their health. Let’s all put him in our prayers as we cannot afford to lose another gospel star like we did end of last year with Ncwane the source, who is a close friend of Lundi’s, says.

Lundi’s manager, Anele Hlazo, could not be reached for comment. However, it’s rumoured he stopped managing  Lundi’s months ago.

Lundi started his solo career in 1998 and he is known for many gospel hits such as Mphefumlo Wami, Mvuleleni Angene, Mniku’dumo, Khuluma Nabo and Inkosi’ Iyayazi.