MDC and Zanu PF have let us down

MDC and Zanu PF have let us down

by Whisper Ganya Makuni

March 15 2019 – IN the past few weeks, I have taken time to reflect on events that took place in our country after the general elections in 2018 and realise the Compatriots we are not going anywhere with both ZANU PF & the MDCs !

ZANU PF will never reform. The violence we witnessed recently is the true nature of the beast. Zimbabweans must read and understand the history of ZANU PF and what ZANU PF did to Joshua Nkomo, Ndambaningi Sithole, Edgar Tekere, Patrick Kombayi and many others. Gugurahundi was a massive killing spree of innocent civilians! The confirmation of the killing of many people by Dexter Nduna recently says it all.

This year marks 20 years since the inception of the MDCs. Sadly for the MDCs, they have nothing to show for their two decades in mainstream politics. Their best opportunity came in 2008 but MDC failed to assume power. I have often said the MDCs are like a football team that plays good football but never scores a goal. Most of the top officials in the MDC are now career politicians who disregard even their own constitution.

Both ED Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa have legitimacy clouds hanging over their heads . For the past 19 years the MDC has failed to show Zimbabweans a glimpse of what their government would do if elected to power. The MDC does not own even a simple brick moulding factory to create employment for the youth but all we hear is we are a government in waiting.

ZAPU and ZANU PF always had assets to empower their people. The spilt of the MDC last year and the violence at Tsvangirai’s funeral is a clear indication of politics of big egos and nothing else. This has weakened  them .

Most of the MDC law makers are always defending corrupt ZANU PF officials at courts. What is that? The MDC runs most municipalities in all major cities but have failed to bring the change they have been preaching. Just yesterday I read an article by the city of Harare suggesting that they are looking at investing in parks. Instead of focusing on the basics like clean and safe water they are willing to throw money in to some park.

To all progressive Zimbabweans who want to see real change in our lifetime the time has now come to put our heads together and form a third force: an alternative party with clear goals and leadership that puts ZimFirst . #TheThirdForce

Whisper Ganya Makuni is the ZimFirst Campaign Chairman(Southern Region) He writes in his personal capacity and the opinions expressed in this article donot reflect this website’s or its staff’s editorial opinion. He can contacted on 27 835367696

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