Mixed reactions to Mliswa’s Norton victory

Mixed reactions to Mliswa’s Norton victory

Originally posted 2016-10-23 12:36:29.

INDEPENDENT Norton MP elect, Themba Mliswa’s victory  yesterday has drawn mixed reaction from Zimbabweans worldwide, bringing again at the fore what is likely to happen in 2018.

Mliswa  beat Zanu PF candidate with  about 8 000 votes against Zanu-PF candidate , Ronnie Chimedza ’s  6 192.

One columnist  praised Mliswa’s victory to hard work during the hotly contested election  where  there reportedly a lot of  intimidation before and during the Election Day.

“Mliswa won simple because he understood that the usual song of rigging elections is being over played. Rigging is only helped by people who do not vote in elections and expect miracles. It is helped by opposition parties who send conflicting signs telling their supporters not to vote only to have a change of heart at last minute and start telling their supporters to go and vote. That’s a good recipe for losing an election”

Zanu PF cannot rig elections if the opposition parties agree to keep a water tight election the same way mkoma Themba did.  Mliswa I wish you had listened to me and turned YARD into a political party because right now you would be better than some parties I know of.  You are a brave and visionary politician. You deserve to lead a party, think about it though,” says one political commentator, who berated the opposition for supporting him yet they themselves had boycotted the elections.

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