Mugabe in SA as tension mounts against him back home

Mugabe in SA as tension mounts against him back home

Originally posted 2018-03-08 01:33:24.

March 08 2017 – ZANU-PF youth have displayed their displeasure with the former President Robert Mugabe as tension mounts amid reports that workers at Mugabe’s residence weretaken in for questioning by soldiers on Wednesday morning.

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe is said to be unsure whether to remain at the house. Mugabe is known to have come to South Africa for a private visit earlier, but it is not clear if he is still in the country.

At a Zanu PF youth meeting on (yesterday) Wednesday, the youth of the governing party displayed their displeasure with the former President.

The same youth who supported former President Robert Mugabe were on Wednesday chanting “Pasi na Mugabe” at a meeting with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Other media reports suggest that Mnangagwa’s adminsitration is likely to seize some of Mugabe’s 21 farms, if he is found to owning more that one farm. The former president is said to own 21 farms, which Minister of Information, SK Moyo says no one is “above the law” when asked Mugabe’s case.

Some have accused Mugabe of continuing to express political statements in public and fuelling discontent inside Zanu PF, an indication that he is still aggrieved. Mnangagwa said he has no facts about Mugabe’s activities, but “The voice of the people must prevail.”

This comes after Mugabe met African Union’s chairperson Moussa Faki, when the latter visited Harare, where he claimed he was being ill treated by the government and his wife who is at the centre of a fake PHD storm is being harassed.

There are also reports that Mugabe and members of G40 are planning a comeback and have formed a political party called National Patriotic Front led by retired army brigadier Ambrose Muthiniri, who recently left the ruling party in protest of Mugabe’s ouster.

War veterans on the other hand have reacted angrily to Mugabe’s comments about being ill treated by the new administration.

With elections around the corner the divisions within Zanu PF are likely to affect the party’s performance at the polls. – SABC/additional reporting Patience Rusere