Mugabe’s sons now living in SA?

Mugabe’s sons now living in SA?

Originally posted 2017-04-11 18:30:16.

 April 11 2017 – ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe’s two sons have reportedly relocated to South Africa from Dubai and Zimbabwe respectively amid fears their personal security might be “compromised” in the neighbouring country, a hotbed for opposition politicians.

According to press reports the two  – Robert Jr and Bellarmine Chatunga – have been in Johannesburg since the beginning of this year to study.

“First Family shifted their kids to South Africa for studies and a better life after Robert Jr was removed from Dubai under controversial circumstances. Chatunga was also reportedly moved to make him focus on his studies, away from Zimbabwe’s suffocating environment and his familiar social scene playground,” the report said.

There were, however, security concerns, with Mugabe’s family and security bosses saying the two could be targeted “not just for crime, but also for political reasons”, the report said.

South Africa is home to millions of Zimbabweans who fled political and economic instablity.

Last year, First Lady Grace Mugabe claimed that soldiers and top Zanu-PF officials angling for power wanted to kill Chatunga.

Reports quoted Grace at the time as saying: “Imagine it has got to a stage where they want to kill my son Bellarmine.” – News 24