Mukuru launches SA to Botswana money transfer service

CAPE TOWN - Mukuru has launched money transfers from South Africa to Botswana, entering a  corridor, which has been traditionally dominated by South African banks

”Senders had to pay high transfer costs and recipients had also had to wait days before the money was available to them,” says Mukuru  marketing manager Michael Cook.

Cook says Mukuru’s service is ” simple, quick and safe way of sending money at  a standard flat rate.”

Mukuru clients in South Africa can use of their cell phones to place an order by or use the Mukuru app or mobi site then they pay for their order at any major retailer, such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite or Spar.

“Recipients in Botswana will then be able to collect cash instantly from any SMH Botswana Bureau de Change branch.

“We are really excited about this launch and are looking forward to providing the same great service to the Tswana community and other diaspora that will benefit from it. It’s a really convenient way of sending money, backed by great customer support. I’m sure the Tswana people will like what we have to offer”, adds Cook. –