Peter Moyo and Botswana’s Slizer set Jozi on fire (Part One)

Peter Moyo and Botswana’s Slizer set Jozi on fire (Part One)

07 December 2014  – SUNGURU musician Peter Moyo and Botswana’s Slizer  set Johannesburg at  one of  the city’spremier entertainment spots last Saturday.

Moyo, the son of the late Tongai Moyo, showed the mostly  Zimbabwean crowd , in his first performance ever in South Africa,

that he is a force to reckon with in the Sungura business.

The youthful Moyo, clad in a red trousers, black T-shirt and gold chain belted out hit after hit, till the wee hours of the

Sunday morning at the Ekhureleni Boksburg Hotel in the East Rand.

By churning out  his own songs including his late father’s hit Murozvi Mukuru, popularly known as Samanyemba which  had the homesick Zimbabweans on their feet.

Moyo’s performance was complemented by his father’s old band Utakataka Express, a team of male dancers, who also gave a  good account of themselves, to the extent that they got fans  jumping on the stage and showering them with rand bills.

One fan even jumped onstage to give Moyo what appeared to be a gold watch, as a show of appreciation.

In an interview with ZimSinSa prior to the show, Moyo confesses that he initially wanted to be a footballer but when his father passed away after a long battle with cancer, he found himself wanting to carry his father’s by taking to the mike himself.

“Since then I have never looked back and I am proud to say I am one of Zimbabwe’s top five musicians who are considered in the league of Tuku, ” says the the late Tongai Moyo’s first child.

Botswana Slizer also put up a five star performance,  with her entourages of dancer’s whose moves, could have made the famed kwasa kwasa artists green with envy.

Slizer, who calls her music housekwasa, sings kwasa kwasa blended with house music.

But it was her onstage performance that had fans eating out of her hand.

Slizer and Peter Moyo take a break backstage.
Slizer and Peter Moyo take a break backstage.

Dressed in torn jeans and a green top, Slizer and her troupe of six dancer put an energetic, polished performance, that showed

serious professionalism. Although the  mostly Zimbabwean revellers did not understand the language she was singing in, it was

clear that they were enjoying the Sestwana musician’s music and were captivated  by the energetic choreography.

Slizer who has toured a  number of southern African countries like  Zambia, Namibia,  Malawi and Zimbabwe, which she calls

her second home, her explanations as to why she is popular with Zimbabwean fans.

“But looking at they love me I would call Zimbabwe my second home. I have a bond with Zimbabwe, most of the time I am booked

in Zimbabwe, says the artist who started her career in 2009.

Slizer says her music appeals to Zimbabweans because of the strong presence of the guitar, which dominates Zimbabwean

music, says the Setswana musician whose music has Shona lyrics.

Slizer who says she is strong and likes to compare herself  to a Bazooka.

So watch out the Gaborone Bazooka is here

(Look out for Part Two of this  story this week  on  these two amazing musicians.) – Patience Rusere