SA Home Affairs undertakes to review  Zim permit rejections.

SA Home Affairs undertakes to review Zim permit rejections.


THERE may be light at the end of the tunnel for the thousands of Zims in SA who had their permits rejected following a decision by SA’s Home Affairs to re access all applications that have been turned down.

“The good news is that Geshon Muti (Manager of the ZSP project) has agreed that Home Affairs will re look at all the rejected ZSP permits, following a meeting we had with them yesterday, ” says House of Hope Co ordinator Edward Muchatuta today after holding a meeting with high level Home Affairs officials.

House of Hope is a group of Zimbabweans who have come together from  all of SA’s nine provinces to help  those living in SA who are facing immigration problems as well as social and economic issues.

According to Muchatuta SA’s Department of Home Affairs has undertaken to re access applications, as the only reason for rejection is supposed to be for those who have criminal records.

This follows widespread panic by the thousands of Zims in SA after, it was reported that permit applications were being rejected en masse, with some had been given 10 days to leave the country and others having had their bank accounts frozen and employers asking them to stop working, until their permit issues were sorted out.

“Those who were rejected because they had no proof of having had the DZP , or whose passports had expired , had no proof that they were employed have no reason to panic, adds Muchatuta

Also  SA’s Department of Home Affairs has undertaken to ensure that the police and any other officials are told that Zimbabweans who have been given a few days at the border ( as long as they are within their 90 days ) should not be arrested.

This comes a few days after SA Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba brazenly, said Zimbabwean should “simply refuse” to be given an unreasonable number of days at the border, following complaints by Zim entering the country that they would be given as little as two days, while even going to faraway  destinations  such as Cape Town from Beitbridge.(which is equal the distance of Beitbridge to Harare).
There will also be relief  for asylum holder, whose paperwork has expired special dates will be announced to renew them. “On those days no Zimbabwean will be arrested for not having proper documentation and if you donot get help that day Home Affairs will give you another date to go ans stamp your expired asylum papers and extend your days in the country ,” explains Muchatuta.

The ZSP will allow permit-holders to live, work,  do business, study and  make financial transactions in SA until  31 December 2017. is website for Zimbabweans living in SA