ZCTU shelves anti bond demos

ZCTU shelves anti bond demos

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU )says it is shelving 9tg its anti-bond notes demonstrations scheduled for tomorrow December 1, in all its regions because of a police ban.

“The ZRP have erroneously associated the ZCTU with political parties and are referring to section 25 (1)(a) that regulates political party gatherings. As a trade union we are exempted from seeking police clearance.We however, do notify the police out of abundance of caution,” says ZCTU Head of Organising, Michael Kandukutu adding that they were were deferring the demonstrations untile the labour body obtained a court order barring the police from interfering with their activities.

Kandukutu said the ZCTU leadership had taken the decision after considering the rights and safety of workers during and after the demonstrations.

The ZCTU General Council, the highest decision making body in between congress, had made a decision to demonstrate against the introduction of the bond notes after their unsuccessful meeting with the Reserve Bank Governor, John Mangudya.

The country’s biggest labour body had rejected the notes, saying they were not the solution to the country’s economic problems. The ban on the ZCTU demonstrations came as the police crashed another demonstration organised by the country’s opposition political parties under the banner of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA ).