Zim govt to clampdown on cross border smuggling

THE  Zimbabwean government is working on measures to clamp down on  smuggling as various basic commodities that are banned continue to be smuggled into the country, Industry and Trade minister Mike Bimha said Wednesday(yesterday).

Addressing a press conference to announce a committee to monitor and evaluate the impact of the import ban effected through Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016, Bimha  blamed corruption by customs officials adding that  the country’s borders were porous.

Bimha says therefore the government was working on tightening border controls by using modern technology.

Zimbabwe imposed an import ban on several basic goods, most of which come through via South Africa in June this year, to protect its sturggling manufacturing industry from cheap imports, that the government says are being produced in the local market

Some of the goods  banned products include bottled water, furniture, building materials, steel products, cereals, potato crisps and dairy products.

Neighboring countries such as South Africa and Zambia have questioned the ban and it has led to scores of Zimbabweans and South Africans to stage massive at Beitbridge Border Post in July.
Most unemployed Zimbabweans eke out a living through buying goods in South Africa for resale in Zimbabwe.

The ban is expected to last three years.  –Patience Rusere