Zimbabweans in South Africa threaten to shutdown Pretoria embassy

Zimbabweans in South Africa threaten to shutdown Pretoria embassy

HUNDREDS of Zimbabweans in South Africa marched and staged a protest against their embassy in Pretoria today, where a embassy, Tamuka Muranga, was bombarded with insults when he received a memorandum from protesting Zimbabweans at the mission on Thursday.

They chanted “mbavha” (thief) and murderer in unison and waved the Zimbabwean national flag when Muranga and other embassy officials briefly interacted with them through the gaps of a locked high perimeter gate and police officers.

Another man shouted: “Allow us to go inside and deal with these motherfuckers who have destroyed our country. You are all going to burn in hell with Mugabe.”

The delegation endured more foul language before quickly retreating into the embassy building, leaving the hundreds of protesters jostling at the main entrance, threatening to shutdown the embassy.

Organisers of the protest march and several SA Police Service officers had a tough time restraining the large crowd of angry Zimbabweans who gathered at the embassy.

Human rights lawyer, Advocate Gabriel Shumba handed the memorandum to the embassy staff.

“One of the biggest concerns we have are the crimes against humanity that have been committed against children and women, some of whom have died. There has been abductions in recent weeks following those popular protests in Zimbabwe. We are extremely concerned about that,” said Shumba.

“Our message remains thunderously clear, President Mugabe’s time to step down has come. If he doesn’t step down voluntarily, he should be removed involuntarily or through other means. One of those means is a principle in international law which obliges the African Union and United Nations to remove him through military force under a principle called the responsibility to protect,” added Shumba.

Mawarire, who was the driving force behind last week’s general stay-away, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly inciting violence and disturbing the peace but the  Harare Magistrate’s Court ruled that his arrest was unconstitutional.  – ANA